The 3D interactive output can be delivered in various formats as below –

  1. 3D PDF
  2. 3D DWF
  3. 3D WebGL
  4. 3D Game engine ( exe or game setup )
  5. 3D VR ( virtual Reality )

We all know and it is very common to use the pdf documents for day to day business purpose. However next generation technology provides you the ability to build your design or 3D data in 3D interactive which helps to have more in depth and easy to understand fashion.

Apart from reading just text in pdf files, why cant you expect more from the pdf document? We are here to provide you the pdf document with full of 3D features to impress your customers and prospects.

3D Interactive pdf we provide is easy to open in general pdf reader application. You do not need to have special reader for that or to purchase any other application.

Special features 3d pdf –

  1. Simple presentation in 3Dpdf (external link to images page)
  2. Animation included in 3D pdf (external link to images page)
  3. Voice over & animation in 3D pdf            (external link to images page)

Applications :

Assembly exploded views with sequential order with step by step navigation
Animated complex mechanisms or critical pars which are difficult to understand in videos
user interactions based animations to experience step by step actions.

Key statement –

3D interactive PDF with animation is some times far more superior than animated video because it allows user to view the animations from any viewing angle while it is happening. This removes the restriction of limited camera angles in videos.

3D webGL –

This is a recent developed technique and becoming more & more popular for 3D interactive content directly view-able in browser without any additional plugin or commercial add-on component. This is very unique way of representation your 3D content and we deliver you the best  results with reasonable pricing.

Any 2D-3D content can be represented by this method and it is compatible with desktop, laptops, tabs, iphones etc.  It is completely java based technology & hence safe as well.

Example I –  The simple interactive 3D sample here will give you an idea of its beauty and rich display style. (external link to images page)