1. Interactive wiring diagram

This is a unique approach towards making a animated circuit visualizations for training and education purpose. Mainly this style of representing the wiring circuit of any machine/vehicle achieves more positive results from end user point of view. This is not just animated but it is also interactive and wherever required or essential user needs to provide input to trigger desired event in the circuit.

Samples 2D Interactive-

2.Dynamic presentation system

This is nothing but an unique “Presentation skeleton” system which allows end user to change almost 85-90% things any time just with simple steps. Once delivered initial build our client really do not need to be dependent on us for any updates, changes or modifications in it.

Just think if you can change Back ground, Headings, Titles, subtitles, Information pop-ups, pictures, videos, graphical contents, values & figures in the tabulated displays. Almost all things can be customized and updated last moment in just few seconds !

Samples Presentation system

Example I –  This is an example of a simple company presentation ready to use presentation system. Where you can choose almost any component of it to change or update. However we build the base system based on your requirements & keep required areas open for updates and modifications. See the reference here.(external link to images page)