Aerial photography is a recent activity which is rising up worldwide for its benefits to have bird’s eye view of the land scapes, city scapes, jungle areas, industry views etc.

We have our own team of flyer ( Pilot ) & have variety of quad copters to carry out the activity. We have carried out aerial photography in very complex situations & extreme weather conditions.  After shoot all post shoot process and effects are included in our services and we deliver the final best results to our clients.
Aerial activity samples – images & videos

Aerial activity is not only limited to photography but it also extends in “Thermal aerial scanning” & “Aerial point cloud generation” of large areas. The accuracy is very high & technically strong UAVs do it at very high speed. We can cover upto 100 Acres in one day with contour generation and point cloud data as a resulting output. Accurate3d models can be built based on the point cloud data for further usage.