Horizon Graphics was established in 2001 initially with the view of providing the technical design services to the industry sector and giving support in photography. Over the period the transformation took place in the activity and visualization became core part of it. After few years of simple visualization services it further evolved into the full fledged activity of animation-visualization in 3D, mainly focusing in Technology, Engineering & Industrial subjects.

Animators do not know engineering & engineers do not know animation. This became our main domain eventually and today we are in full fledged Audio-visual solutions for technology, engineering & industrial sector. Mainly addressing the highly intellectual design visualizations to R&D based and completely fluidic design concepts.

Time to time we kept upgrading our knowledge and abilities. Which today strengthen us with our recent and powerful achievement in VR 3D [Virtual Reality 3D]. This is further backed up by our very own in house strength of aerial photography technology.

SO in brief we are involved in  –

  1. Critical technology & concept visualizations
  2. Advanced Aerial photography & scanning
  3. VR 3D & virtual factory
  4. Interactive 3D solutions etc.


We are the team of hard core technically talented people with associated experienced experts. We strongly believe that, understanding the client’s need precisely with purpose behind the task is half success. Building of fairly accurate & precise common communication platform between client & our team with adherence to it till the project completion is nothing but a key to successful completion.


Strive to achieve the excellence in our services by performing best in each & every project. Provide the best in class services with all possible value additions. Also essentially improvise our approach & practices by analyzing project post completion.


To establish a successful business unit & team of experts globally to address simple to high-tech visualization needs of market.

Our Clients